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6-8 APR

DAY 26

End of Lockdown


(or maybe not)

Leaders don't wait.
Leaders lead.

13-17 APR

DAY 30

End of Lockdowns 2-3


(they have to)

Leaders don't wait.
Leaders lead.

1-15 MAY

DAY 60




As leaders, one of our most critical roles is to help our people focus away from fear, panic, and hysteria and instead focus towards problems and opportunities that we can impact. 100H does this by re-focusing our workforce on Target Stakeholders and what our company can do to solve their problems in these times.

The bigger our organization, the longer it takes to decide and act - on everything. Yes, too many of us aren't built to move fast - but in these times, our snail's pace will be fatal. 100H empowers our leadership teams up and down the ranks to organize into smaller teams, each focused on solving problems in 100 hours or less. Now is the time to put our companies on the road to agile - not through workshops, but by actual doing.

We've seen this again and again: these are the times when real stars rise. Some of them we know very well; many others have been waiting for a time like this when rank, tenure and bureaucracy matter less - when only merit and the ability to get things done count! 100H has built in mechanisms to let these stars rise, even in our fundamentally collaborative architecture. So let's make sure to let all in our companies use this tool. Give everyone a chance!

Growth is not a mindset; Growth is practice and habit. Exactly what our people will experience via 100H: the 10-stop itinerary and recurring cadence of solo workouts, peer and plenary exchanges, and iterated solutions form the fundamentals of practice and habit that can jumpstart Growth as an institutional capability for us.

All of the above are possible only because of this core point: none of this works if we do not take this golden opportunity of crisis to remind and re-anchor all our people of why we exist as a company, why every one of us counts, and why we will overcome this crisis and be stronger than ever. At the very core of 100H is identifying people (we call them stakeholders, customers, colleagues, partners, etc.) whose burning problems are closest to us - and then plotting a course to launch solutions on their behalf within 100 hours.

This is service and mission in action. In this time of crisis, we can leave a lasting mark on our people.

We've always preached that we need to be a learning organization. Here's our chance to put that into practice - in a global crisis no one could have predicted and no one is prepared for. We are all figuring it out together all at the same time. 100H hosts 2x weekly webcasts, by invitation, for leaders to share how they have been launching solutions fast - leadership in our time of Corona. Let's learn from each other. You can find the schedule of 100H Webcasts here.

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    There’s a war out there and we’re ordered to stay in here. What role can you and I play – depends on who exactly and where exactly we are.

    I am Andre Yap, CEO of Ignite House, based in Manila, capital of the Philippines, one of only 14 countries with more than 100 million human beings.

    Corona is here, racing across our cities – our hospitals, our homes, our businesses, our livelihoods, our next paycheck. Life is on lockdown. This is humanity, all of us vs. a global pandemic with no mercy and no conscience.

    Three days ago, at our company all-hands, it became clear where my team must fight the good fight. Every one of us committed to launch this counterstrike in 3 days. Here we are.

    We are not doctors, we are not in government. But we know how to do 2 things very well: we know how to relentlessly focus teams; and we know how to get them to solve problems fast.

    And so we call this counterstrike 100HOUR LAUNCHPAD and we developed it especially for business leaders in this time of Corona – when we all need to act fast even as we are crippled and the rules have suddenly changed.

    We want you to use this tool for free.

    100HOUR LAUNCHPAD is a step-by-step toolkit to help business leaders get our people re-focused, re-organized, and launching solutions in 100 hours or less.

    Especially if we are a company of hundreds or thousands, this is a tool we can use freely up and down our ranks, to empower our people to solve problems quickly.

    Specifically, 100HOUR LAUNCHPAD will get us through these 5 critical steps:

    First: Get our people re-focused on burning stakeholder needs closest to them. For some this will be the burning needs of customers; for others, the burning needs of colleagues or of partners. Whatever, the first order of battle is to focus our people on a concrete mission to help others.

    Second: Get our people organized, ideally self-organized, into smaller teams that can work fast.

    Third: Get our teams to work methodically fast – rapid cycles of prototype-test-iterate – until breakthroughs are launched.

    Fourth: Do all of the above – from zero to launch – in 100 hours or less.

    Fifth: Do it over and over to solve critical problems all across our value chain.

    And bonus: do it remotely so that we keep social distancing as best we can.

    100HOUR LAUNCHPAD will help us help our customers, our people, our partners get on with their lives, endure one or two less burdens, in these most trying times.

    This is our part in this global war. We all have our battlefields, we all have our fights in this, humanity’s one big fight.

    Let’s each do our part. COVID-19 will not beat us.


    Andre A. Yap
    Founder & CEO
    Ignite House

    Manila, 20 March 2020