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Battle-tested practices leaders should deploy ASAP
when business breakthroughs are needed In days

Actionable growth experiences for professionals by professionals —
given freely, taken freely, all remote work friendly.

Let's come together and transform this lockdown
into days of growth, grit, and resilience.

Weekly deep dives into life's most important conversations.
A breathtaking mix of age-old discernment exercises plus
the magic of data science, algorithms, and connecting
with kindred spirits via live webcast.

Daily livecasts Monday to Friday.
Power Mindfulness as practiced by leaders in Apple, Nike, and Google—
all from the comfort of our home. 100% Free.

30-Minute briefings Mondays to Fridays.
From our investigative team of journalists who track down business leaders and round up bleeding edge insights and practices that altogether form the emerging shape of our New Normal.

The global pandemic has accelerated the New Normal:
much of life as we know it is changed for good and for keeps.

Ignite 100 is a quest to find and fund New Normal Ventures
that can go from idea to market to make the world a better place
in 100 hours or less.
Because speed and agility are The New Normal.

Individualized Step-by-Step Restart
Experiential Applied Labs
Data Science + Scorecards
Zero-Silo Collaboration
Action + Agility with Algorithm
100% Workforce Coverage

When you’ve done your level best
and still you cannot avoid layoffs
offboard your people to us.

We will take care of them for you.

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100% Free Open Market Solutions


In 100H Launchpad


Business Toolkits
For the New Normal

6-8 APR

DAY 26

End of Lockdown


(or maybe not)

Leaders don't wait.
Leaders lead.

13-17 APR

DAY 30

End of Lockdowns 2-3


(they have to)

Leaders don't wait.
Leaders lead.

1-15 MAY

DAY 60

A public service from

Uniquely at the nexus of corporate, innovation, venture capital, and igniting all we touch to their greatest growth and impact.

You’ve never met anyone like us.

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    There’s a war out there and we’re ordered to stay in here. What role can you and I play – depends on who exactly and where exactly we are.

    I am Andre Yap, CEO of Ignite House, based in Manila, capital of the Philippines, one of only 14 countries with more than 100 million human beings.

    Corona is here, racing across our cities – our hospitals, our homes, our businesses, our livelihoods, our next paycheck. Life is on lockdown. This is humanity, all of us vs. a global pandemic with no mercy and no conscience.

    Three days ago, at our company all-hands, it became clear where my team must fight the good fight. Every one of us committed to launch this counterstrike in 3 days. Here we are.

    We are not doctors, we are not in government. But we know how to do 2 things very well: we know how to relentlessly focus teams; and we know how to get them to solve problems fast.

    And so we call this counterstrike 100HOUR LAUNCHPAD and we developed it especially for business leaders in this time of Corona – when we all need to act fast even as we are crippled and the rules have suddenly changed.

    We want you to use this tool for free.

    100HOUR LAUNCHPAD is a step-by-step toolkit to help business leaders get our people re-focused, re-organized, and launching solutions in 100 hours or less.

    Especially if we are a company of hundreds or thousands, this is a tool we can use freely up and down our ranks, to empower our people to solve problems quickly.

    Specifically, 100HOUR LAUNCHPAD will get us through these 5 critical steps:

    First: Get our people re-focused on burning stakeholder needs closest to them. For some this will be the burning needs of customers; for others, the burning needs of colleagues or of partners. Whatever, the first order of battle is to focus our people on a concrete mission to help others.

    Second: Get our people organized, ideally self-organized, into smaller teams that can work fast.

    Third: Get our teams to work methodically fast – rapid cycles of prototype-test-iterate – until breakthroughs are launched.

    Fourth: Do all of the above – from zero to launch – in 100 hours or less.

    Fifth: Do it over and over to solve critical problems all across our value chain.

    And bonus: do it remotely so that we keep social distancing as best we can.

    100HOUR LAUNCHPAD will help us help our customers, our people, our partners get on with their lives, endure one or two less burdens, in these most trying times.

    This is our part in this global war. We all have our battlefields, we all have our fights in this, humanity’s one big fight.

    Let’s each do our part. COVID-19 will not beat us.

    Andre A. Yap
    Founder & CEO
    Ignite House

    Manila, 20 March 2020